Interview with Cameron Holmes, winner of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Award and Senior Audience Choice Award at CICB Florence

When you did the first CICB selection in Australia, would you have ever imagined that you could have been the winner of the competition?
I’ve worked so hard in preparing for this moment however with so many talented dancers you never know which way things will go.

Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Award. Which was your feeling when your name was called to receive the most important Cecchetti award?
Surprised, overjoyed, honoured, I was feeling so many emotions when my name was called, I couldn’t believe it, it really was one of the most incredible moments of my life.  

 Tell us something about your classical variation. Why did you choose it and how did you feel when you danced in front of the jury? 
The Classical Variation I chose to perform is from the Ballet, “Don Quixote”. My character Basilio, is very charismatic and witty which made this role so intriguing to play. It’s a fun and entertaining solo with a lot of energy and was amazing to perform this solo in front the esteemed jury.  

 Is there a moment of the CICB event you liked the most? Which were your feelings? 
My favourite moment was the finals night after having performed my two solos, I felt that I danced with all my heart and gave it my all, feeling a true sense of achievement.

 N°55... is this your new lucky number? 🙂
Haha. I would have to say yes! 

You also won the Audience Choice Award. Were you proud to be the dancer who people preferred the most?
It was truly an honour to be selected by the audience as I felt they were with me all the way which in turn lifted my performance even further.

Do you want to talk us about the scholarships you received?
I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to the Washington School of Ballet and having Larissa Saveliev acknowledge my ability was very encouraging and I look forward to exploring these options in 2018.

As a male dancer, do you think Cecchetti Method enhanced your qualities? 
I believe the Cecchetti Method does enhance the male quality as it shapes and an adaptable dancer providing a strong foundation and sense of artistry that is required for a male dancer.

You know Cecchetti was Italian and studied in Florence. Was it exciting to be in a place in which the Maestro lived and danced? Did you feel a deeper connection between you and the method you studied for years?
Florence is a beautiful city with a rich history and just being there knowing that Maestro Cecchetti lived and danced there gave me a deeper connection and understanding of Cecchetti Method.

Who is your inspirational dance model?
I am inspired by many male dancers it would be hard to pick just one, however I am always inspired by Daniil Simkin’s turns and Tetsuya Kumakawa’s incredible ballon and leaps.

Which are your suggestions for the 2020 CICB competitors?
Just relax, enjoy the moment and take it all in.

Is there someone you want to thank for supporting you in this Competition?
I would like to thank my family for their support, Lucinda Dunn, all my teachers at Tanya Pearson’s Academy and in particular my Cecchetti Teachers Donna Holmes, Robyn Ross, and Valerie Jenkins for being there with me in Italy.

Interviewer: Eleonora Secchi

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